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Research & Development

AngoalĄ¯s Research Center is located in Hefei, Anhui Province. There are total eighteen qualified scientists and engineers, which works for the development of new products and processes. Angoal is proud of its long-lasting partnerships with the major universities and research institutes: Peking University, Fudan University, Tsinghua University, Nanjing University, Shanghai Institute of Materia Medica,(Chinese Academy of Sciences), Jiangsu Academy of Agricultural Sciences.

In 2003, AnogalĄ¯s engineers developed a high efficiency counter-flow continuous extraction process for botanical extract. Its extraction efficiency ratio is higher 30% than general process. We largely lower our manufacturing cost by using it.

Our main instrumentation includes:

  • HPLC ¨C for phytochemical analysis

  • Gas Chromatograph ¨C for analyzing volatile components and pesticide assay

  • UV-Vis Spectrophotometer ¨C for compound analysis

  • Atomic Absorption¨C for mineral and heavy metal testing

With many years of experience in pharmacology and phytochemistry, AngoalĄ¯s Research Center will serve our customers better with improvement and innovation.


One sight of Research Center   Instrumentation of HPLC
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