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Product No.: RR-003

Rhodiola Rosea Extract 3%

Product Picture:

Rhodiola rosea ("golden root" or "roseroot") is widely distributed at high altitudes in Arctic and mountainous regions throughout Europe and Asia. Rhodiola is one of the most important environmentally-adaptable natural medicaments as popular as panax and thorn slender acanthopanax. The active ingredients of Rhodiola rosea are Rosavins, including Rosavin, Rosarin and Rosin.

Rosavins, Salidroside

Molecular Structure of Active Ingredients:

Molecular Formula : C20H28O10
Molecular Weight : 428.43
CAS No.: 84954-92-7

Molecular Formula : C20H28O10
Molecular Weight : 428.43
CAS No.: 84954-93-8

Molecular Formula : C15H20O6
Molecular Weight : 296.32
CAS No.: 85026-55-7

Molecular Formula : C14H20O7
Molecular Weight : 300.30
CAS No.: 10338-51-9

Botanical Origin: Rhodiola rosae - Root
Identification: Positive by TLC
Appearance: Brown powder
Odor & Taste: Characteristic odor and taste
Mesh Size: 90% Min. through 80 mesh
Assay: Rosavins 3% Min. (HPLC)
          Salidroside 2% Min. (HPLC)
Excipient: None
Moisture: 5.0% Max.
Heavy Metals: 10ppm Max.
Lead (Pb): 2ppm Max.
Arsenic (As): 2ppm Max.
Pesticides Residues: 1ppm Max.
Total Aerobic Count: 1,000cfu/g Max.
Yeast & Mold: 100cfu/g Max.
E. coli: Negative
Salmonella: Negative

Packing: 25kgs/Fibre drum, two plastic-bags inside
Storage: Stored in a well-closed container away from moisture and light
Shelf Life: Two years

Botanical Picture:

Main Biological Activity:
1. Antianoxia
2. Antifatigue
3. Antiaging

Main Application:
1. Dietary supplements
2. Health food
3. Pharmaceutica

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