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EGCG 90%: Anogal succeed in manufacturing 90% EGCG from green tea polyphenols in large scale. EGCG is the most active ingredient in green tea. бнMore

Instant Green Tea Powder: It is extracted with hot water from green tea. It is fully soluble in cold water and retain the characteristics of color, aroma and flavor of green tea. It is ideally suitable to produce green tea beverage. бнMore

Grape Seed Extract 95% is a highly soluble standardized extract manufactured by an exclusive proprietary process, in which only purified water and ethanol are used as eluents, avoiding any use of toxic solvents. бнMore

Sucralose: Angoal established a new factory in Jiangsu province to manufacture Sucralose(FCCIV). The designed output is 30MT per year.Currently produceing capacity is about 2000kg per month. бнMore

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